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Since 2004 we have been delivering monthly. All day life drawing sessions on a Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00.

The events are held in a bright, spacious hall with free on site parking where we deliver “Model Lead” session to allow the artists to explore their own artistic boundaries. Although we do usually have a tutor on hand for help and advice and comment if it is required.

We bring in a range of talented, toned and experienced models from over a 100 mile radius to ensure that the artists are able to work with a variety of morphology and skill sets - ranging from Deep Sea Divers to Aerialists.


 “Our” artists too travel from far and wide to join our sessions - to experience the quality of modelling, the smooth run sessions and their supportive, non judgemental fellow artists - who are all guaranteed a clean line of site to the model(s).   

From Yurts in York, Hotels in Hove to Villas in the Valleys ensures ”Happy Party Poppers”!

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We’re pleased that so many of the UK’s Hen  & Stag  Party Agencies use us, as well as so many Happy Party Poppers around the UK.

Week after week we receive thank you letters/ emails from Happy Hens & Stags who’re delighted to have chosen us to deliver this unique event as a focus for entertainment on their special day.


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We’ve detailed a very small percentage of these below and would be more than happy to add your comments as well if you decide to book with us.

For now though - read on - or perhaps you’d rather spend a few moments looking through the moving album (right) showing some of the hundreds of events that our “Party Poppers” have enjoyed across the UK - from Derry to Dover !

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Wicked - is having this much Fun Legal?

What an OUTSTANDING time - we had a hoot

and I’ve my gr8 sketches to prove it!

Our Bride said it was her fav’ part of weekend.

Wow, I didn’t realise that we were learning too!

It  was SUCH good Fun. Thanks to you all!

With this much fun, it’s almost a pity we had to keep OUR clothes on! But we all enjoyed it SO MUCH! Thanks!!

What a fabulous class. The Tutor/Model were superb! Our Hen had a great time and I’d  recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!  

Thank you SO much for making us have such a great time. We were a group of girls from all our the UK who didn’t know each other and this was a great way to bring us together.

Thank you for the great photos and for a wonderful experience. We all had a great time - education and fun doesn't often come together.

We set this up for Shirl’ as a “Giggle” - but we all had a such a great  time. It was fun and we learned such a lot as well.

Just too much fun. It was a BLAST  thanks.

One of us has to get married soon so we can do it again.

Who knew that you could have this much fun & learn so much too! Cool!!

Had a fab time. All of us said what great fun it was. Fun with a bit of cheeky male nudity but in such good taste too! Cant wait for someone else getting married to do it all again.

What Can I say? Im just so gad that we decided to have you arrange it for us. You’re fantastic!

Wow! - All of this and its legal too!! Thanks so much to you all we had such a fantastic time.

All round great service and event. We’d defo’ recommend you to anyone!

We had an amazing time. The model was brill & we all got into the drawing. A few of us now want to try art class! Ive recommend you to friends already. Thanks - So very cool!

What can I say - fantastic from beginning to end!

I’ve never seen anything like this before back in Ireland. It was GREAT! Thanks so much we all had a fantastic time.

Hey I didn’t think that ANY class  could be fun but you deliver such a classy, fun packed package. The admin team made booking so easy and on the day, your team (GORGEOUS Model and Talented tutor) were just so professional from welcoming us to waving us off at the end with our sketches.

Looking after our group of 25 young “farmers wives” must have been difficult enough, but your tutor took us through step by step & still ensured we had a great time drawing from your fit nude model. Even the venue was superb. Diolch yn fawr!

I dont know how you managed to find anyone whod come out to our cottage in the middle of nowhere - let alone 2 such talented guys. Your tutor was so cool and our model so - fit! We had a fantastic time.

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