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Glamour/ Art  Modelling

March 2012

Llife Life Drawing

 The Malverns.

February 2012

Photography Model

Nude (Photo) Model of 2012

February 2012

Life Drawing

Old Town Figurative Art

February 2012

Life Drawing

College Life Drawing Class

January 2012

                                                                                                          Rosemarie's career as a model has seen her working in many genre of                                                                                                           Figurative Modelling where she has gained recognition across the UK and                                                                                                           beyond.

                                                                                                                                                                   Despite her popularity and position however, she still can be seen                                                                                                           delivering dynamic and challenging poses in Life Drawing sessions for                                                                                                           Schools, Colleges and Universities across the South, West and Central                                                                                                           areas of the UK - including those in her home base in Wiltshire.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To Rosemarie, this is an importat element of her carrer, helping the                                                                                                           artists of tomorrow gain the skills that they will need to take them on                                                                                                           to a solid rewarding career. Equally important though are her activities in                                                                                                           in the Register of Artists Models (RAM) training the Modles of tomorrow                                                                                                           and ensuring that the standards that the standards that they employ,                                                                                                          continue to advance to the benefit of all.

Photography Model

Art Model Sommerset

December 2011

Life Drawing


Nov 20th 2011

Rosemarie in a typical dynamic and interesting pose

As can be seen from her work in this web site - Rosemarie's modelling activities  cover a wide range of genre. After two hectic days being surrounded by thousands of attendees, press, media artists and photographers at Olympia

(see below) on Friday and Saturday, Sunday saw Rosemarie in the more intimate, sedate environment of the regular Life Drawing Workshops that she  (usually) runs in Old Town Swindon.

 These events are extremely popular - more so when Rosemarie makes one of her bi annual appearances as the model, whilst husband Tony carries out the admin (making teas / coffees etc).  

The session was extremely well received as Rosemarie presented one stunning dynamic pose after another, leaving the artists racing to capture her sharply defined musculature and anatomical detail, which when combined with her artistic interpretation, ensures that she continues to be sought after as one of  the UK's most effective and productive figurative models.

To top it all though, as this was the final session of 2012, the artists were able to revel not only in the superb poses, but also in the mince pies and double dose of Mulled Wine -  Merry Christmas!

Fine Art Model

EROTICA 2011 Olympia London

Nov 18/19 2011

Attending Erotica is "An  Experience" that few would

ever forget. The media chronical its progress almost

on an hour by hour schedule. The Press hungrily

follow its attendees and activities to the delight of

many of their readers - those of the Times included.

The information of the 21st Century however, dictates

that Blogs, Websites and You Tube record & comment

on the extremes of the event in detail.

None the less it was a surprise for Rosemarie to be

approached very early on in her activities

at the show BASE METAL who recorded

an interview with her which they placed

at the No 1. spot on their schedule.

Rosemarie's prime activity was in promoting the

"Living Lingerie" that she wore at the show, crafted by Sculptor Ken Clarke. However, such was Rosemarie's mpact, that she was continually approached by Artists & Photographers wanting to work with her at the show - and indeed booked her to work with them afterwards!


Interest in her modelling came from a variety of areas - including a UK firm of furniture importers who wanted to discuss an advertising campaign linking Rosemarie's exotic looks to their exotic furniture and wares.

Throughout the show, Rosemarie could be seen at the stand of  her long term friend - Ken Clarke, who worked with Rosemarie to demonstrate to the growing crowds, the skills of Life Sculpture / Casting.

However, for the majority of the time, Rosemarie was kept very busy at the centre of attention for the public and at the centre of publicity photographs.

Rosemarie was a smash hit at Erotica 2011, howeveer, planning with her husband Tony and Ken Clarke is already well underway for a new,

stunning addition to the "Living Lingerie"range. Superb, bespoke items that are made especifically for you.

If you would like details of this year's "Hands on" model - please contact us any of the means on our contacts page.



Nov 13th 2011

One of Modelled me UK’s main activities, is delivering Life Drawing Hen Parties around the UK.


Although the highly enjoyable sessions are delivered by skilled, talented and professional Models / Tutors, Rosemarie does not “sit on her laurels”, but operates a rigorous, ongoing system of training for the entire group of staff across the country.

An integral element of this are the “Face to Face”training sessions,where Rosemarie is able check at first hand on the finer points of the detailed training that the models / tutors undergo  to ensure that the “Happy Hens” receive  nothing but the best from the team during their very special event. Here you can see Rosemarie.with some of the “Pupils” during the latest training session in central Birmingham.    

More News added REGULARLY

You Tube clip featuring News Story by Base Metal on Erotica 2011 (including Rosemarie Orwin and Living Lingerie). A dramatic, powerful pose created with one of the Uk's leading Figurative photographers.

With most of us thinking of a break over the festive fortnight, taking us into 2012, it comes as a surprise to some, that the Art world continues a pace.

Rosemarie took up a long term commission earlier this month, travelling to Somerset for a studio shoot with one of the UK's leading Figurative photograpers, where in a protracted 5 hour shoot and over 5 sets, a superb series of collaborative images were created.

Rosemarie's taught, toned physique and subtle artistic interpretation combined with the exceptional photographic skills and in particular, the spectacular use of lighting effects,ensured that the set produced a large number of fantastic images.

To top it all off, Rosemarie's partner ,Tony was brought in to carry out the editing work to add the subtle nuances to the images that have made the repertoir of Fine Art UK The Spa Collection and many others,continue to present stunning figurative photographic Art!       

Rosemarie Modelling for an Art Class at Swindon College Another new model (Elise) for the Swindon Old Figurative Art Group (SOTFG).

SOTFAGs is an impotant part of Modelled me uk's activities - ensuring that high quality Figurative art is available to artists of what ever skill level in the South Central areas of the UK.


Although these monthly events have been delivered on Sundays since 2004, they take a great deal work to ensure that they run smoothly and that the artists are presented with a good varierty of high quality moldels.

Quality and variety are the by words for the model selection - whilst Rosemarie and Tony's "back room" admin efforts ensure the smooth running of the events - even through the flury of cold weather and snow that presented itself at the begining of February. It is a shame that a few SOTFAG members were unable to attend as Jane’s poses (left) were appreciated by all who struggeled through the cold to join February's ighly productive session.

Another superb model (Jane) delivering a dynamic pose for the Swindon Old Town Figurative Art Group "Nude of the Year image 2012" as awarded by Net Model - model and artistic director Rosemarie. Photographer Martin Smith

Visitors to this site will be familiar with Rosemarie’s activities as a Photo model.

However, she was delighted to hear that her work as Model and Artistic Director with West Country photographer Martin Smith has been recognised by one of the leading Photography web sites - Net Model as having created “The Best Nude Photograph of 2012”.

This superb shot (left) was one of a series created in a Hampshire barn that included a range of Art Nude (Right), Fashion and Glamour images shot with 2 photographers over a long but rewarding 6 hour period.

One of the many outstanding shots created during shoot by Martin Smith that secured the award for "Nude of 2012" (Awarded by Net Model) Rosemarie with a typical dynamic and challnging pose for the Hanley Swan Art Group during their introduction to Life Drawing

Rosemarie’s modelling takes her across the UK and far beyond and so it was an unusual but most welcome request that came in from John Ford  to model at a drawing group that he runs, relatively close to hand in the marvellous Malvern hills.

John and Rosemarie had worked together before and so he was well aware of her capabilities when he was looking for the right model to ask to work with him whilst introducing the

group to the intricacies of Life Drawing for the first time.  Rosemarie’s experience, combined with her style,

   toned form, anatomical detail, artistic interpretation, ability to deliver interesting and challenging poses, meshed seamlessly with John’s meticulous attention to detail and calm approach to tutoring, ensured that the group were moved through a series of poses and were able to create a superb collection of highly credible images - to everyone’s delight!  

John Ford delivering advikce and technical assistance to one of the Hanley Swan Group of artists at their Life Drawing session Glamour at her finger tips! As always STUNNING poses from Rosemarie. Demure and seductive poses from Rosemarie during this extended shoot in the Cotswolds

Once again, Rosemarie’s style, experience, skill and diversity as a model were brought into sharp focus during a gruelling six hour shoot in the Cotswolds with two leading photographers working with her to create a wide range of images across the diverse genre of Art Nude and Glamour.

Her ability to switch quickly between these two very different disciplines and produce stunning, imaginative and alluring images time after time, “Click after Click” is yet another demonstration of her skill and value as a Figurative Model

of her value as a model &why an increasing number of Photographers are returning to Rosemarie for inspiration when creating memorable images (More pictures from her shoot will be added here shortly, so please return to see the stunning results)!

Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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