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One of our excellent, inspirational models - relaxing with some of the pieces created of her after a recent targeted workshop Use this link to return to the TOP of this page Use this link to contact us by email

Since our genesis in 2004, we’ve been striving to help raise the profile, reputation and quality of Figurative Art in the region - and beyond.

As a result, we’ve been delivering an ever wider range of quality Figurative events, over an increasing area to a more and more eclectic mix of “New Starters”, Hobby and Professional Artists.

We have a superbly experienced “Back Office Team” of active models and tutors responsible for recruiting, screening and training our primary resource - our nationwide pool of experienced and

These are usually supplied as pivotal parts of the bespoke courses, classes, workshops and retreats that we design and deliver, however, when asked we are delighted to be able to identify suitable individuals from our talented teams to work for clients as Tutors or Models.

Below, you’ll be able to see a little more detail on their effectiveness.


Whilst it may not be possible to provide a Figurative Tutor of a particular specialisation in your precise area - they are not ubiquitous after all - our Tutors are firstly practiced and talented Figurative Artists. What ever and where ever the requirement, we are USUALLY able to assist. If you have a Figurative Art requirement - please don't hesitate to contact us to ask.

At the heart of our work is the belief that the QUALITY of the Figurative model is central to the effectiveness of ANY Figurative Art session.  There is so very much more to being an effective Life / Photo or Sculpture model than being willing to sit, stand or lie down, nude before a group of strangers.

Our models posses an intimate knowledge of their own anatomy and capabilities, thus ensuring that the poses they deliver are the most effective / interesting / challenging that they are capable of presenting in the time allocated.

Their experience, provides them with access to a wide portfolio of poses, often augmented by aspects of their hobbies or additional employment - such as Aerialists, Gymnasts, Body Builders, Immersion Divers or Ballet Dancers - to name but a few.

Further, we select individuals with that essential “Artistic flair” or understanding that separates them from many other models operating in this field. We can often offer models who specialise in a particular type of Figurative Pose:-  

 MODELS - Male and Female

Where possible, we are also able to assist with specific types of anatomy - with choices far to wide too list here. - What ever and where ever the requirement, we are USUALLY able to assist. If you have a Figurative Art requirement - please don't hesitate to contact us to ask.

 Below you can see some of our many talented Models

Here are some of  our terrific Tutors “in action”

Many Art Groups, Clubs and Societies rely on Artist Members - or Demonstrators to assist them in honing their figurative endeavours. Our Tutors however are a breed apart -  whilst experienced and practicing artists in their own right,  they have been selected for their enthusiasm and eloquence on the studio floor and ability to impart the techniques that they have used and mastered over time.  

Theirs too is a position where the ability to “Inspire” the artists is pivotal. It is not simply a case of standing and repeating a script, but being able to pass on the love of their chosen passion - whilst bringing out the individuals own artistic vision.

There are of course a plethora of specialisations within the broad church of “Figurative Art”, hence, over time and across the UK, we have fostered strong relationships with Tutors that have impressed us with their abilities in many of those areas in order that we are able to provide that specialist assistance where required.  To date, amongst the topics that our Tutors have covered have been:-