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 Life Drawing Hen Events  UK Wide Summer 2014

Life Drawing Events UK Wide : 2014

Figurative Model - UK - Spring / Summer 2014

Life Drawing Events UK Wide : 2014

Figurative Model - UK - Autumn 2013

Swindon Old Town Figurative Art Group:   December  2013

Life Drawing Events ACROSS THE UK: 2013

Photographic Model : United Kingdom : September  2013

Swindon Old Town Figurative Art Group:   August 2013

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Journeying back to her Artistic “Roots” for this full day session of Life Drawing, Rosemarie presents a full day of dynamic and very exacting poses for Swindon’s Old Town Figurative Art Group in August.

She was met by a very positive and welcoming group of Artists who travelled in to Swindon from over a 100 mile radius to draw with and from her once again.

Joining a session in Swindon is easy - just click through on the link below to email us for further details.

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of our regular workshops.

Renowned for her skill & artistic interpretation across a number of figurative genre, Rosemarie excelled in a recent commission for a leading photographer from the South West that included:-

If you’ would like to enquire about commissioning Rosemarie, please email her via the link below.

A classic Fine Art pose (augmented by tottering black high heels) sees  Rosemarie perched on a ledge for this positive pose Use this link to email Rosemarie to discuss photographic sessions with her. Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk Colour, variety, dynamism and quality are just some of what we offer our artists via the models we carefully select to inspire their work.

Modelled me UK’s unparalleled experience in the field of Figurative Art has been a huge factor in the success of the Life Drawing Hen Events that we deliver under the banner of  

Our expert, skilled, experienced teams of talented models and tutors continue to be at the forefront of delivering the enjoyable and entertaining Life Drawing Events to groups of ladies across the UK!

If you’d like to hear more, please navigate through to the full web site - found at

2013 is almost at an end and the final session of the year saw a full house. Attending to draw with and from Bella (seen far right). We are delighted that so many artists have booked already for the 13 sessions published for 2014 - and are eagerly awaiting details of the residential retreat that will be held in the summer.

One of our major strengths in the variety of

figurative events that we deliver, is the quality

and variety of the models that we are privileged

to be able to present at our sessions - as you

can see from these three examples.

If you would like to hear more about any of our regular all day Sunday Life Drawing Classes, or to express your interest in the summer residential retreat “The Nude in Oils” - please use the link in the envelope below / left to email us - or contact us directly via the contact tab at the top of this page.  

Our all inclussive package includes city centre venues, - but we are often able to deliver the event at Holiday Hires - out in the country.

In any case, we look forward to hearing from and to welcoming you to one of our Life Drawing sessions in 2014!

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of our regular workshops.

Introducing a raft of new and exciting models to the group throughout 2014 - as well as bringing back trusted friends of the group, SOTFAGS continues to deliver the high quality & variety of models that has helped us become one of the top Figurative Facilities in the South.

Here are but a few of the models that have “wowed” the hundreds of artists attending.

At the heart of Rosemarie’s various activities in the area of figurative Art, is her unquestioned ability as an “Inspirational model”.

2013 has seen her continue to excel and demonstrate her ability, style, grace and strength across numerous genre & indeed across the UK. Roll on 2014!     

Rosemarie's activities as a Figurative Model have taken to classes, and groups across the UK and Europe. Demure sophstication is at the heart of Rosemarie's work - epitomised here in this sepia Art Neuvo inspired image

The popularity of the Life Drawing Events that we deliver continues to grow across the UK with members of the public and the majority of the Agencies that specialise in arranging such events.

For some time, we have been offering the groups the option of a Glass of “Bubbly” at the majority of our nationwide venues, but now after an extended trial from our London Office, we are offering groups the option of combining a quality Life Drawing event, with a sumptuous Cream Tea! Please, contact us directly for more details.   

Alex - making a welcome return to us on February 02nd 2014.

Variety & quality continue to be the watchwords of Rosemarie’s modelling activities as Artists, Photographers, Sculptors & Art Groups from across the UK & beyond line up to work with her.

Her talent for moving swiftly from one style / genre of modelling to another - combined with her innate elegance, poise and artistic interpretation to ensure that all her sessions are extremely productive.

Created for an Easter Spa facility - osemarie with a Yoga inspired Pose

If you’d like to enquire about Rosemarie's rates & availability please contact her

via our contacts page - through the

shortcut to the right - here…………

Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site.

However, booking for future events is simple - please navigate to our micro site -


for details and future dates.

We limit the number of artists attending to ensure a clean line of site for all.

Hence, you’ll need to book to ensure that you can attend.

One of our Model Experts - Centre stage with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Please use this link to email us about YOUR LIfe Drawing Hen Party requirements. Please use this link to navigate through to our Full Life Drawing Hen Event Site.

2014 has seen a huge increase in the demand for Life Drawing Hen Events from members of the public, the large number of Hen Agencies and from Corporate bodies for Team Building, Ice Breakers and Partners Programmes.

Delivering these events Under the banner of HenParty has enabled our teams of Models/Tutors across the UK to meet a wide variety of interesting groups - including Forensic Scientists, Medics, Event Managers, Farmers, Lawyers, Teachers, Child Minders and professionals from many fields - some of whom can be seen below with one of our newly appointed “Model Experts”.  

Such is the growing popularity of this exciting Hen Party activity that we have had to commission a new web site to manage and channel the enquiries.

The new web site will hopefully be launched before by the end of summer and by the end of the year, we hope to be following that with a new site aimed specifically at users who might access the Internet via Smart Phones, Tablets and similar hand held devices.


If you’d like to see more, click through on the link in “David” - left, or alternatively, please email us via the link below….

It is possible for us to arrage for your group to indulge in a little "Bubbly" for your Life Drawing Party - please contact us now for details. Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site.

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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