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A Simple pose, expertly delivered by Rosemarie in a Life Drawing class in Gloucestser

We have a wide range of talented, specialist Figurative Tutors and experienced, dynamic male and female models able to deliver sessions around the UK - to meet the specific needs of groups or individuals.

These are NOT simply “Demonstrators” - but rather highly effective teams of professionals working to impart knowledge and skills to artists - from “hobbyists” to seasoned practising professional artists.

Whatever your level of skill - please contact us to discuss designing and

delivering a figurative course to satisfy the needs of your group or company.

We have been involved in designing and delivering literally thousands of Figurative Life Drawing, Portrait and Sculpture events around the British Isles to a wide range of Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, Companies and Individuals.

In addition to our artistic expertise, our administrative prowess is invaluable in designing arranging, and delivering Figurative events in new venues on a weekly basis for clients from Derry to Durham, Dartmouth to Dublin, Swansea to Scarborough and beyond!

Casual yet demure - a typically "Interesting pose" Rosemarie presented to the Art Group #

Dynamic Life Drawing

 Life Drawing

Modelled me UK delivers a range of Figurative Workshops, Courses and Classes, details of which can be found in this

section of the web site, or by using this link

to contact us regarding your specific  


Modelled me UK is happy to provide the following:-

                               following areas:-

                                            * Life Drawing

                                            * Portraiture

         These are both regular as in the monthly SOTFAG           sessions in Swindon & “bespoke”  events for

                *  Art Groups / Societies.

                *  Universities / Colleges.

                *  Design / Marketing Companies.

                *  Computer Games / Graphics Companies .

For these we can provide Tutor, Model(s) Easels and all consumables in sessions designed to meet their needs.   

Please use this link to email us with YOUR Life Drawing requirements Please use this link to email us with YOUR Life Drawing requirements Use this link to contact us by email