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We fully appreciate though that the requirements of every group are different and vital to those attending.  

Hence we offer the following

main options:-

If you’d like us to provide you

with a quotation for your

Life Drawing party use the “Thumbs UP” Link here…..  

Our success in delivering such enjoyable and “interesting” Life Drawing events grew from our knowledge of Life Drawing.

This enabled us to design the wonderful “Lesson Plan” that we use and to secure and train the highly talented and “Suitable” Models / Tutors who actually deliver our popular events across the UK.

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Having the option to add a Cream Tea to your life drawing adds that bit of Class to an already memorable event

Delivering QUALITY Figurative Events

(Life Drawing & Butlering) is all that we do.

  Our London region has been championing

  further options for Life Drawing Events

  which we’ve ben rolling out across

  the UK from early 2014.

  This very successful “add on” provides a   further level of quality to your event - by   enabling the group to luxuriate in a   traditional English Cream tea  - before or   after your life Drawing.

  As the content of the teas vary across the   country, please let us know as early as   possible if you would like this option so

  that we can design your event around a

  venue that matches your group.

  N.B. If you’ve  a venue providing Cream

          Teas and would like to work with us

         - please let us know.  

  Here, we’re able to offer you 4  options:-

  1. Our standard offering is based on our network of City Centre Venues around the whole of the UK.
  2. It’s often possible for us to provide venues in more remote towns or even villages.
  3. Some groups will secure city centre properties  from where they will travel to their various events. Some may be suitable for us to deliver our events in. (Subject to size & safety criteria).
  4. Finally, an increasing number of groups are renting “rural retreats” as the base for their events. Subject to these being suitable, we are often able to have our expert Model/Tutor(s) travel out to you!

            N.B. Options 2 and 4 may incur further

                    fees to cover travel charges.




We have a superb network of UK venues from where we derliver our Life Drawing Events. However, we are often able to travel to your venue (subject to suitability). Having the option to include a glass or two of "Bubbly" is an option in aninvcreasing number of our UK wide venues. From 2014, we have been offering the chance to add an English Cream Tea as an option to more of our Nationwide network of Life Drawing Venues!.Having teh option to include a glass or two of "Bubbly" is an option in aninvcreasing number of our UK wide venues.

  In order to make your Life Drawing Event

  even more special, we’ve been working hard

  with our City Centre Venues to have them

  provide a “Bubbly” option.

  If this is something that you’d like to have   included in your Life Drawing Event, please

  let us know as early as possible to ensure

  that we arranged for you.

  You’ll appreciate, prices for this option vary   from  venue to venue, but we’ll be more than   happy  to arrange it for your group if you’d

  like to make your event go with

  a BANG!

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