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Fine Art Model

EROTICA 2011 Olympia London

18-19 Nov. 2011

For the second year in succession, Rosemarie is booked to model at the prestigious London EROTICA exhibition at Olympia - this year between 18th - 19th November. In addition to working with renowned Body Caster - Ken Clarke - where she will be demonstrating the particular skills that a model must display to carry out this role (see link) - she will also be modelling the spectacular “Living Lingerie” created in a collaboration between Modelled me uk, Ken Clarke and The Spa Collection,

Rosemarie will be modelling the ensemble throughout Friday and Saturday around the hall, to show people what they could look like with their own personally crafted creation.

This event always attracts a great dealof media coverage, and so you will dountless be ableto see snipets fro it on TV, in the papers and of course on the internet, but if you do have an hour or two to spare and are in West London, please pop in to say hello andsee the Living Lingerie (and Rosemarie) in person.

 If you aren’t going to EROTICA, or would like information on how to order YOUR “Living Lingerie”simply

 email us via this link and we will respond to you as quickly as we are able.


Droitwich and Birmingham

September 2011



September 2011

A typically dynamic and challenging pose presented by one of the talented models working with SOTFAGS”Pulling in” artists from an ever widening area of the South and Midlands - our toned and skilled models continue to present interesting, relevant and dynamic poses.

Although the All Day Sunday Workshops started over 7 years ago as a means of delivering high quality figurative Drawing sessions for the artists of Swindon and based soleley on the modelling of Rosemarie Orwin - over the years, the events quickly broadened to include a wide range of talented models brought in from London, Exeter and beyond - to provide variety for the  artists attending on a regular basis.  

Artists at the September's workshop (another full house) were able to produce many superb pieces as they worked from and with the model for the day - who in addition to his modelling and rigorous “keep fit” regimen, is also a professional diver. The quality and variety of the models are amongst the many points making these sessions so popular.

Click on the image of the workshop in progress to navigate through to the section on Life Drawing to find out more and to see how to book your place on one of the forthcoming sessions in October / November.



September 2011


           Prize winning Art Model                        UK                            September 2011              

More News to follow shortly!

Rosemarie Orwin - Figurative Model in a typical, dynamic Art pose for one of the many talented Figurative photographers with whom she has been privileged to collaborate. Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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