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We are sometimes able to deliver our events at "Holiday Lets" - as here in the North West.One of our many hundreds of Happy Hens at one of our Life Drawing Hen Parties, - this one in a Holiday home in th Cotswolds.

Since 2004 we have been delivering monthly. All day life drawing sessions on a Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00.

The events are held in a bright, spacious hall with free on site parking where we deliver “Model Lead” session to allow the artists to explore their own artistic boundaries. Although we do usually have a tutor on hand for help and advice and comment if it is required.

We bring in a range of talented, toned and experienced models from over a 100 mile radius to ensure that the artists are able to work with a variety of morphology and skill sets - ranging from Deep Sea Divers to Aerialists.


 “Our” artists too travel from far and wide to join our sessions - to experience the quality of modelling, the smooth run sessions and their supportive, non judgemental fellow artists - who are all guaranteed a clean line of site to the model(s).   

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There are a number of companies in the UK offering “Life Drawing” for Hen, Stag & LGBT parties. Hen And Stag  is unique in many aspects of the service it delivers direct to the public and to most of the Hens and Stag Agencies around the UK:-

Life Drawing / Butlering Events

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The venues are ready - as are our teams of models and tutors. We are just waiting for YOU and your HenParty!

Booking your event with us for anywhere in the UK is easy!

Contact us and we could have YOUR group in the picture enjoying a fun, informative & instructive event soon!

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In partnership with The Register of Artists Models we’re the 1st to provide QUALITY Life Drawing Hen & Stag Events across the UK

Over time, we’ve established the largest team of skilled & SUITABLE Models/Tutors, the most successful, proven & enjoyable

lesson plan to suit this very specific requirement as well as an extensive & highly flexible nationwide network of venues.  

As a result, we’re recognised as being at the forefront of designing/delivering these events to Corporate Clients, the

numerous Party Agencies that sell the services on to the end clients & direct to members of the General Public.

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of individuals / companies opening up & attempting to emulate our success.

Please, don’t be taken in by any of these operations - many of whom have been stealing Pictures/Text from our websites to give

the impression that they’ve the ability to deliver quality events. Some are now even copying our highly successful lesson plans!

Rest assured though that we are constantly trawling the web to identify these individuals/companies & ALWAYS prosecute to

the fullest extent of the law to remove our stolen content & to recover damages. If you’re in doubt, please contact us to clarify.

We are set up to arrange & deliver Fun, Entertaining & informative Life Drawing Hen parties around the UK. Our teams of Skilled, Talented / Experienced

Tutors / Models will reliably deliver YOUR event from Derry To Dover!  

We tick all the boxes for you to have a Happy Hen Party - click here to book or enquire about YOUR event !

Our extensive experience in this rapidly expanding field of “infotainment” has enabled us to maintain our position at the top of the market - supplying parties to individuals and the majority of the agencies around the UK.

We provide you with a full service - ALL you need for a truly unforgettable event:-

 VENUE:               GREAT Suitable Nationwide venues, in towns/cities/beyond.

 TUTOR/MODEL: TALENTED & SKILLED teams across the entire UK

 EQUIPMENT:      PLENTIFUL Art Materials

 ADMIN’:               SMOOTH Admin’ taking the worry out of YOUR event!


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