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Photographic Model : United Kingdom : June / July 2013

Swindon Old Town Figurative Art Group :   June 12th 2013

Life Drawing Events : Birmingham / Bridgenorth : May 2013

Swindon Old Town Figurative Art Group:   May 12th 2013

Photographic Model : United Kingdom : April / May 2013

Life Drawing Events : Derry / Londonderry to Lowestoft : May 2013

Swindon adds another 4 fantastic events to the Art Calendar!

Sunday Life Drawing Workshop : Swindon : 03rd March 2013

NEW Life Drawing Workshop : SWINDON : Friday 15th March

Life Drawing Hen Events : United Kingdom : Autumn 2012

Photographic Model : SPAIN - etc : AUTUMN 2012

Life Drawing Workshop : SWINDON : December 2012

Photographic Modelling : Across the UK : Summer 2012

Life Drawing Hen Events : United Kingdom : September 2012

More News to follow shortly!

The success of this entertaining and highly enjoyable event arranged by, continue to grow with new venues, models and tutors being brought on board almost weekly in order to keep up with demand around the UK.

Here you can see some of the hundreds of “Happy Hens” that have joined us this month at one of our new venues -  a prestigious night club venue in Oxford. Above a group of Hens enjoying themselves at a Holiday let they took near Tamworth for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of their Bride to be - Sara.

Rosemarie’s activity as a Figure Model has taken her to many fantastic locations around the globe, but she was recently privileged to work amongst the ruins of a spectacular castle set amongst the gorgeous Welsh country side .

A statement of grace against the harsh reality of the manmade landscape.

In order to catch the light, a pre dawn journey enabled the photographer and crew to reach the venue in time to create a superb series of images that juxtaposed Rosemarie’s grace and style with the stark reality of the crumbling stone work and distant rolling countryside.

If you’d like to commission

Use this link to email Rosemarie to discuss photographic sessions with her.

With the Old Town Swindon Figurative Art Group about to enter its 9 year - the events move from strength to strength, attracting new artists and models from across the south.

Maria returned to entrance the full house with her poses on on Nov. 18th when Tony shared the new discount structure that will be in place for bookings made after Dec 15th 2012.

Details of the new mid week sessions to be held in SWINDON from Spring of 2013 were released  in January 2013 and are in the down load above.  

Rosemarie operates across a number of genre of modelling and has built up a strong reputation and following in many of them.

Such has been her popularity that she has been working in Spain, Gibraltar, Wales, The Channel Isles - and many more - excelling as a model for Fine Art, Fashion, Glamour and numerous other genre.

If you would like to contact Rosemarie to discuss her availability to model for you - please email her via the link below-

Use this link to email Rosemarie to discuss photographic sessions with her.

Under the banner of Hen party UK Rosemarie arranges & delivers the UK’s most successful Life Drawing Hen Parties.

Despite historical trends, this Autumn has seen over 100% increase in bookings as well as having

the largest party she has run (40 “Happy Hens” in Manchester) and has events running well into

the festive season and on into 2013 where  parties are already booked through until NEXT Xmas!

None the less, Rosemarie is always looking for new, reliable & talented Models/Tutors as the business continues to expand around the UK.

So, if you think you have what it takes to pick up the banner - or would like to

discuss arranging your Life Drawing Hen Party (ANYWHERE) in the UK, - either navigate to the main web site -

               under “David” to the left, or                contact Rosemarie via the   

Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site.

contact page on this web site, or by using the short

cut embedded in the link in the arrow, to the right ….

Rosemarie is always looking to respond to the requests from the artists with whom she works. An increasing number have been asking for her to provide a week day workshop to run in parallel with the Sunday sessions.

As this would also ease pressure on the monthly Sunday Workshops, we’ve spent months investigating the logistics involved and are now delighted to announce that (initially) we will be adding a FRIDAY workshop to each of the existing terms.

The dates are shown on the models who will be working with us for the individual sessions - current prices / discounts will apply.

Pre booking for these Friday sessions is essential - as it is with the long established Sunday workshops. The places for this new and exciting event are being taken up VERY quickly, so , to secure your place - please contact us at your earliest convenience:-

ROSEMARIE - Friday 15th March

10:00 - 16:00

MARIA - Friday 20th Sept

10:00 - 16:00

ALEX - Friday 22nd November

10:00 - 16:00

Sunday 03rd March was no exception when we were joined by Helen, who’s toned form & dynamic poses were enjoyed by the full house of artists attending our first Spring session.

The models booked for the forthcoming new and exciting Friday sessions are equally talented and will be presenting a range of demanding and challenging poses from 10:00 to 16:00 on the four Fridays in question.

For full details, or to book, please contact us here:-

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of the Friday (or Sunday) workshops.

The regular, (10.00 to 16.00) all day Sunday Life Drawing workshops in Old Town Swindon are growing in appeal - session by session.

This is partly due to the quality of models that are brought in from across the UK to the benefit of the artists attending and the work that they produce.

Friday 15th March saw artists travelling to the 1st Friday Life Drawing Workshop from, - Reading, Cirencester, Swindon, Basingstoke and Newbury to draw with and from our lead model Rosemarie.

Famed for her calm poise, grace and strength - the artists delighted in the range of classic, dynamic and exacting poses that she presented throughout the day’s extremely enjoyable & productive Life Class.



Please note that the FRIDAY sessions, are on:-

These new Friday Life Drawing Workshops, are in addition to the monthly all day Sunday sessions that have been running since 2002. If you would like join in any of them, please enquire - or book using the link contained in the envelope to the right.

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of the Friday (or Sunday) workshops. Flat cap and glasses - mimicking the brides "betrothed" - our model inStratford doinghisbest to make the event a sucess!

2013 has seen continued interest in our Life Drawing Parties across the length & breadth of the UK - not just Hen Parties, but Corporate Events & Team Building. May has seen events from Derry / Londonderry to Lowestoft and from Fraiserborough to the Forest of Dean!

Sultry seductress - exhibiting "Eastern promise" here in a Studio set in the EAST Midlands!

Rosemarie’s ability to work with and inspire Artists, Photographers and Sculptors - continues to attract an increasing number of clients for her across the UK.

Her long experience in these and other modelling genre is of further value to her clients as she is able to “port” styles, poses and techniques from one area to another, - thus increasing her invaluable artistic input for the wide variety of clients that retain her services.              

Use this link to email Rosemarie to discuss photographic sessions with her.

Approaching its 10th year of delivering Life Drawing sessions to Artists around Swindon, SOTFAG continues to attract new “members” to the monthly Sunday workshops.

Usually recognised for the quality of the models that are brought to the workshops from around the UK, this Sunday saw the addition of a second model (“Jo”, seen here left and below) who joined Jane (right) to provide the Artists with a delightful conundrum -  

Please click through on the envelope if you'd like to book, or enquire into our Life Drawing workshops.

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of the Friday (or Sunday) workshops. Who thought Art could be so much fun? - We are glad that this Bride and her hen in Digbeth found out that it was!

As the summer Hots Up, so to does the pace of delivering the ever more popular Life Drawing Events around the UK. Hen party me UK  brings on more new Hen Party Agencies as their sole supplier - as well as delivering directly to Hen groups where ever they may be. Here are but two examples from this weeks bevy of boys, introducing Hen Events to the tasteful side of Life Drawing Events “Poolside” in Bridgewater and “Pubside” in Birmingham.   

If you’d like to see more detail or contact us regarding these events - please click through on “David” above, left

Clik through on David here to see more of the Life Drawing Hen Parties from

The late arrival of summer failed to distract the Artists who had booked to attend this Sunday’s Life Drawing event in Swindon. Unfortunately, the model who had been booked was taken ill at the last minute - but Rosemarie stepped in on the day to deliver a superb selection of poses for the grateful artists.

If you’d like to join the Group for one of the regular

Sunday sessions, or would like more details please

click through on this link to contact  us.

Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk

Throughout the summer, Rosemarie has continued to stun the Artists, Art Groups & photographers for whom she contributes so much in the poses she works so very hard.

Here is a small selection of the images she has been so instrumental in creating across the UK this summer.

Please use this link to email us directly and to enquire about YOUR place on one of the Friday (or Sunday) workshops.

If you would like to hear more about booking & collaborating with her, simply click through on the envelope -below left.    

To cope with the growth we’re always looking for new (suitable) Tutors and Models - so if you think you might fit the bill or want a party, click on “David” - (below left) to

contact us.

her for a similar shoot, please simply contact her directly with this link.  

“ Who Should I draw from this afternoon”?

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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