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The modelling world is full of highly paid, “beautiful people”, who are often able to command astronomically high fees whilst often being “famous for being famous”.

Rosemarie’s approach to modelling however is entirely different!. Her artistic interpretation, acting skills, training and toned physique, combine to enable her to present a delightful canvas that becomes the back drop for promoting a wide range of products or services.

Her skin tone / morphology are such that she could be from any part of Europe, “The Med” , South America, or the Middle East. Similarly she’s able to represent women from a very wide age range.

Her most valuable qualities have to be her poise, grace, beauty and ability to “Sparkle & Shine” in front of the camera. Rosemarie is a “consummate professional who’s contributed to the success of a wide range of Print, Film, Web & TV publications and campaigns.

Illustrating a Romantic Novel
A PR shot for a Hotel chain
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model