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Individuals, Groups, Companies and Educational establishments have extremely differing requirements for teaching Figurative Art.

As a result, we have developed and deliver an equally wide range of bespoke packages to meet those individual requirements.

These encompass, but haven't been limited to:-

However, as the events are “Bespoke” - designed for the individual need - the range is far wider. For example, we often deliver Model Lead Classes. However, equally, we’ve delivered Tutor lead events of 2 hours with a male and female model. The requirement and choice is yours.

This page will provide you with more information on what we deliver and to whom.  



Two of our marvellous models delivering separate poses for an Art Group's Life Drawing Class.

A class (usually 2 to 3 hour) can be a “One off” giving an introduction to Life Drawing, or designed to cover a specific element of Figurative Art for a group.

They may however be scheduled over a period for example, to provide a regular Figurative element for example to an Art Groups’ schedule in a general manner.

Equally, they are seen as a highly efficient means of including quality Life Drawing to Schools or Colleges where overstretched Art staff may not have the specialist skills required to teach Figurative Art - or have access to the range of inspirational models in Modelled me uk.    

Regardless of your requirement - we’d be delighted to hear from you and see how we might assist you in exploring Figurative Art.  

 Classes :

One of our Tutors leading a 2 hour Life Drawing Class in a 6th Form environment as part of a 6 month course.

A wide range of groups rely on  the skills, talent and expertise of Modelled me uk to design and deliver Figurative Art to their students / employees. This has ranged across:-

 Courses :

An untutored Life Drawing Workshop delivered for a local Art Group enabling the artists to prepare for their Open Studios

These are generally a focused, all day (tutored or untutored) Life Drawing events where the participating artists are immersed in a particular aspect of figurative art to polish their skill set.

Alternatively, they provide a superb opportunity for Art groups to present QUALITY Life drawing to their members, or serve as a bountiful source of material to create Art for Open Studios, Exhibitions or general sale.

These may be Tutored or Untutored - and indeed can run over consecutive days, or be a part of a scheduled programme over a term or even a year - the choice is yours - please don't hesitate to contact to discuss your requirement - what ever it may be.

 Workshops :

A Corporate group of 15 enjoying a tutored Life Drawing event as an ICE BREAKER at the start of days away day in an Ascot Hotel.

Life Drawing provides an excellent topic as the core for a range of Corporate (training activities) when delivered by practitioners that are competent in its intricacies whilst being familiar with the range of “Corporate” requirements.

Modelled me uk has been delivering extremely successful Life Drawing sessions to such clients since 2004 covering 3 main areas in a highly entertaining manner:-

 Corporates :

A group of Happy Hens enjoying a Life Drawing session on a narrow boat during their celebratory weekend

At the heart of all our activities is the quality and professionalism of the Models and Tutors across the country who work so hard to deliver effective, productive and enjoyable Life Drawing Classes, Courses, Workshops and Events.

It was a logical extension of our “Conventional” Life Drawing sessions therefore to supply a Tutor and Model to a group of ladies looking for a (tasteful) fun event for their “Hen Weekend” back in 2008.

Since then, we’ve become the main supplier of such events to the majority of Hen (and subsequently “Stag”) agencies as well as direct to members of the public - utilising our nationwide, talented pool of Models and Tutors.

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 Social Life Drawing Events :

Whatever your figurative art requirement(s) please contact us to discuss how we might best help you address them and satisfy your individual needs, or those of your fellow artists, group, colleagues or company.

Please - use our CONTACTS page - or the short cut under the thumbs up to the right to email us directly.

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