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As with Body Art, although at first sight, it may seem that all the relevant skills are in the hands of the artist , here too, a skilled and experienced model is a vital element of the process.  

Firstly, the model must have experience to be able to strike a dynamic pose suitable for the artist and to hold it for the duration of the casting process. During this time, the cast increases in weight considerably and can restrict breathing. Hence the model’s fitness is VITAL!

Hence, the model must not only be experienced - but fit, healthy and strong if the process is to proceed such that the artist can concentrate on his creative processes rather than the well being of the model.

Rosemarie’s artistic/modelling experience, combined with defined anatomy and fitness make her an ideal model for this exacting area of modelling, where she is the model of choice for many of the country’s leading artists in the field as well as for body sculpting courses.

Body Casting

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