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ART NUDE Model : UK wide

Life Drawing Workshops - BROAD HINTON & SWINDON

ART NUDE Model : UK wide

Life Drawing Workshops - SWINDON & BROAD HINTON

Gay & Straight Life Drawing Events across the UK

LIFE DRAWING for BROAD HINTON (Wiltshire) 2015

ART NUDE Model : UK wide


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Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk Rosemarie stepping up to the mark for a mid length pose at the weekly Stockcross Life Classes held by Arran Miles. Compact and Confident - a typical long pose from Rosemarie delivered for the Artists attending Arran's Thursday Life Drawing classes at Stockcross. Another superb mid length pose delivered by Rosemarie for Arran Miles' Stockcrosse Artists in mid February.

Although Rosemarie and Modelled me UK are known for arranging and delivering a wide range of figurative (Life Drawing) Classes, Workshops, Residential Retreats and Events across the UK, these highly successful ventures evolved from her activities as a Life Model.

To ensure that she keeps her knowledge of the rigours required of a Life Model at the top of her mind, she still takes to the boards as a Life Model working for Sculptors, Photographers, Sculptors, Artists, Art Groups / Clubs / Societies & Tutors around the UK.

Her work has created many strong links with clients to that she returns to time   

and time again.

One such is the well renowned & respected Figurative Artist / Tutor

Arran Miles.

The images here were captured during one of Arran’s popular weekly, Life Drawing classes delivered every Thursday at the village hall in Stockcross (Berkshire).

If you would like Rosemarie to model for you, contact us via any of links on our contact page.

Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site to discuss Rosemary modelling for you or your group.

If you’d like to speak to Arran about her classes in Stockcross, please contact her via her web site.

If you'd like to find out more about Arran's Tutored Life Drawing Classes in Stockcross please use this link.

With Civil Partnerships and the recent advent of Gay weddings, Hen Party me uk has seen a huge increase in the number of “Pink Performances” that we deliver across the UK.

Many of these Life Drawing events are mixed groups with Straight and Gay attendees - although some are exclusively male and others female.

The make up of the group doesn't affect the content of the event, or the quality or effectiveness of our Team members (Tutors, Models and Model Experts) as they work tirelessly across the UK delivering Life Drawing events.

We deliver all the Art materials that you will need -  provide great City Centre Venues and travel to more remote rural houses or “holiday hires”  across the length and breadth of the UK.

You can even choose 60 or 90 minute events and often have Cream Tea or Bubbly options added to your Life Drawing event as well.  The choice is yours!

One of our Nationwide team of Female models delivering a Life Drawing event for a Lesbian Bride To Be in the Blackcountry A mixed Gay and Straight Group being introduced to their Life Drawing Model in Birmingham A Male Gay Group intently studying their toned model in a Home Counties Life Drawing event. A delighted, mixed Gay and Straight group in Leamington Spa with their model and the best sketch they produced on the day Charcoal, Pastels, Oils and more - all used to great effect in the initial Broad Hinton Life Drawing workshop on February 11th

Wilts, Hants, Gloucs, & Oxfordshire host a great many Artists, Art Groups, Societies & Clubs - many participating in the numerous “Open Studio” weeks that are proliferating around the UK.

An increasing number of these artists are now taking up Figurative Art or Life Drawing to exercise their skills.

To satisfy this demand for QUALITY Life Drawing workshops, Modelled me UK has been expanding the numbers of “All Day Sunday” workshops it delivers in Old Town Swindon in 2015 to 14 events.

Additionally, an exciting new venue / series of workshops have been added in conjunction with Broad Hinton’s village hall. These images were captured there in the inaugural, highly successful event being delivered on 11th February from 10.00 to 13.00.

Further (Wednesday) dates are scheduled in 2015 - as follows:-

One of the artists travelling to Broad Hinton to draw with and from Rosemarie for inaugural workshop. Seated and serene in this superb long pose as preseneted to the Broad Hinton Artists by Rosemarie in Early February.

Alternatively, contact us via any of links here on our contact page.

If you’d like to hear more about these exciting events, navigate to the relevant section of the web site.

Please use this link to see more about the regular Life Drawing Workshops in Wiltshire Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site. Artists, Tutors, Demonstrators and Facilitators, drawing from Rosemarie at the 1st Broad Hinton Life Drawing Workshop on February 11th 2015

Many artists see Figurative Art (Life Drawing) as the purest form of art. Successful Life Drawing however does require far more than having a model willing to stand, sit or lay before and artist - Nude.

Modelled me UK has been arranging / delivering a wide range of Life Classes, Courses & Workshops since 2004. A great contributing factor in their success is the quality and variety of the inspirational models that are presented for the various figurative workshops, courses, classes and events that are delivered across the UK.

MARIA returning to the Swindon Workshop in Nov 2014. TERRY travelling to the Swindon Workshop from Buckinghamshire in early 2015 MALE models are becoming increasingly popular with the Swindon Artists. MEL travelled to us from Berkshire for a very sucesful Workshop on February 22nd RUBY returns to the Swindon Life Drawing workshops on April 19th prior to returning to the USA - your last chance to draw from this stunning model.

 At the heart of the quality, is Rosemarie’s guiding hand - tempered with the years ofg experience that she gained as one of the UK’s leading Figurative Models. Here though are but a few of the wide variety of models retained by Modelled me UK in the past few months.

Fine Art Nude photography at it's finest here as Rosemarie presents a classically simple pose in a studio on the banks of the River Severn

At the heart of Rosemarie’s success in guiding the various Figurative activities and services delivered by Modelled me UK is her ”inspirational” capabilities as a model herself.   

Unusually she her success as a model extends across a number of genre - but throughout her work across the UK with Artists Sculptors, Photographers, Art Groups / Societies / Clubs, Colleges / Universities & Tutors she is admired and respected for her natural pose, grace and charm that shines through in all her work

Rosemarie displaying her capbilities as a Glamour Model - Sulrty, slinky and seductive in a this Boudoir pose for a Berkshire photographer. The Rural Idil - graphically depicted here as Rosemarie displays her poise, charm and grace in this classic standing pose. Sultry yet powerfull - an imposing Glamour pose for a renowned photographer in a West Wales studio. MARK will be the featured model for the Workshop on July 15th at Broad Hinton. Please contact us early if youd like to draw from him.

Following on from the long term success of the Old Town Swindon Life Drawing Group  - that has been serving the local community for over 12 years, Modelled me UK launched a half day (Wednesday) workshop in the superbly appointed Broad Hinton Village Hall.  

The initial two workshops have been a roaring success - with artists travelling from Worcester, Cheltenham, Chichester, Malmesbury and Basingstoke! April 15th featured MARIA (below) - a relatively new model who is making a name for herself with artists around the area.

Seated serenely  - MARIA presented a range of lovely posesto the delight of the artists in the Broad Hinton Workshop on April 15th.

On Wednesday 15th July we’ll be welcoming MARK (right) to model for the half day session (10.00 to 13.00).

If you’d like to join us for this session -places are VERY limited - so please contact us via the link below NOW!

Please use this link to navigate to the full LIfe Drawing Event Web site

Although her career started as a Life Model, Rosemarie was soon in demand across an ever widening number of disciplines.

Her ability &reputation as an ”inspirational” model continue to ensure that she’s in high demand in the genre where she has become a bye word for the quality of her work - Photography.

Seductive Glamour pose in a studio on the Welsah boarders for renowned Artist Ken Clarke. Top Hat and at the top of her form. Rosemarie here working in the West Country with award winning Figurative Photographer Orson Carter. Sulty Siren in a very provacative pose presented for a very productive studio session in Wiltshire.

Art Nude and Glamour photographers and Tutors delight in the breadth of her abilities, demure poise and strength - examples of which you can see here - or on the relevant section of her portfolio here……

Demure duo tone image for a well known photographer in the Midlands. Please use this link to see more of Rosemarie's Photographic Fine  Art Nude work.

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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