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Life Drawing Classes and Workshops around Swindon

SOCIAL Life Drawing Events (Hen Parties) over the holidays


FASHION MODEL: Hampshire : Sept 2015

Gay & Straight Life Drawing Events Autumn 2015

NEW Life Drawing Class & Workshop in Wiltshire

ART NUDE Model : Summer 2015 : UK wide

Gay & Straight Life Drawing Events across the UK

LIFE MODEL "Par Excellence" across the UK / across 2015

ART NUDE Model : UK wide


MUCH more News available on the Archive Pages

Use this link to contact us for any General enquiry regarding Modelled me uk

Click on the link below to see the broad range of her work across the many categories of modelling in which she is active.

Please use this link to see more of Rosemarie's wide range of modelling activities. Rosemarie modelling at Victoria Jinivizian's regualr Tuesday class near Marlborough. Click through here for details. Pushing the boundaries for a Life Group in the Midlands, Rosemarie excelling in her Art as usual. Demure in a pose for the Broad Hinton Figurative Art Group. Working her wonders for the Old Town Art Group in Swindon.

Roesmarie revels in the variety of her commissions across the UK and is always delighted to work with new Artists and organisations.

Universities / Colleges / Schools, Artists / Tutors / Demonstrators, Art Groups / Societies, Photographers, Life Casters / Body Painters, Sculptors and even TV / Film Producers being but some of the many she continues to work with in the UK and further afield.

If you would like to talk to her  about modelling for you, please visit her Contacts page, or use the link to the right to email her.

You can email Rosemarie via this link.

Although her career started as a Life Model, Rosemarie was soon in demand across an ever widening number of disciplines. Her ability &reputation as an ”inspirational” model continue to ensure that she’s in high demand in the genre where she’s become a bye word for the quality of her work - Photography.

Top Hat and at the top of her form. Rosemarie here working in the West Country with award winning Figurative Photographer Orson Carter. Seductive Glamour pose in a studio on the Welsah boarders for renowned Artist Ken Clarke.

This summer has seen her deliver a number of stunning sets for photographers across the UK.  Not surprisingly, Art Nude / Glamour Photographers and Tutors delight in the breadth of her abilities, demure poise and strength - examples of which you can see here - or on the relevant section of her portfolio via the link below.  

Demure duo tone image for a well known photographer in the Midlands. Please use this link to see more of Rosemarie's Photographic Fine  Art Nude work. Sulty Siren in a very provacative pose presented for a very productive studio session in Wiltshire.

The Network of Models / Tutors & Venues that Rosemarie has developed across the UK to deliver the increasingly popular Life Drawing Hen Parties & Events has been working harder than ever in 2015 to keep up with the ever growing demand.

The advent of Civil Partnerships has of course prompted a huge rise in the number of GLBT events that have been delivered across the UK - a demand that we are delighted to be satisfying!

These LIfe Drawing Events are fun for all A very happy bride with her Life Model at this Lfe Drawig event in Cardiff A very satisfied group at their Life Drawing event in the Brides house. A stunning model - stunned the bride to be at this Gay Hen Party in Birmingham

If you’d like to hear more about these fantastic (Gay or Straight) events - please visit the dedicated website or contact us via the contacts page of this web site.  

In any case - we look forward to hearing from and hopefully to arranging and delivering an event for you SOON!

Talented, demure, inventive - and always stunning Talerted, edgy and inventive - pushing the boundaries in her work  Rosemarie easily switches from demure to exotic in her artful and expressive poses

Rosemarie’s dedication to her craft takes her far & wide - these shots are from separate shoots in West Wales, Warwickshire and Somerset.

In addition to the travel though, she has to keep herself in top physical condition, with a daily fitness regimen that starts at 05.45 - come what may!

Of course, there is also the mental “application” and perhaps most of all, - her  renowned poise & Artistic Interpretation that help her maintain her reputation in  the crowded field of Photographic Art Nude model.   

Since 2004, the reputation for the quality and variety of models that work with us at the untutored workshops has continued to attract artists from over a 100 mile radius. To keep up with demand for places in 2016 we’ll be delivering the following untutored workshops:-

     *16 all day Sunday

     * 8 half day Wednesday.

Sept 30th saw the 1st in a series of 12 2 hr. Life Drawing Classes held at Commonweal school - Tutored by Tracy Baker Stewart. Click through here for more details.

One of the hundreds of enthusiastic artists who journey to our Figurative Workshops in Wiltshire Delivering a range of inspirational models is core to the success of our workshops and classes. Enthusiastic 6th formers at a LIfe Drawing Class.

Educational establishments in Swindon - as well as adult artist who are looking to add a little structure and knowledge to their figurative work. If the event on Sept 30th was anything to go by - the series of classes will be popular, effective and rewarding.

Contact Tara Parker Woolway at Commonweal School directly to book your place. - 01793 612 727  

Initiated by Tara Parker Woolway - the enthusiastic Head of Art, these innovative events are open to 6th form students from other

Another Happy Hen _ this time with one of our New Models in York after her Life Drawing Event Catching the Bride to be as her model for her Life Drawing event was revealed toher in the garden of their weekend holiday home in Bath. Oui Oui _ We even deliver events Mid week _  as with this group on a Thursday night in Reading Gay and Mixed groups a like delight at our Life Drawing Events across the UK _ this one in Bath recantly

Modelled me UK/Hen Party me UK continues to secure Hen Parties & other Social Life Drawing Events - long after the historic Season has closed. Additionally, there’s an increasing awareness amongst the LGBT community of how entertaining these events are.

As a result, we’re delighted to have been able to deliver an ever larger number of Life Drawing Events to Gay, Straight and Mixed groups across the UK.

If you’d like any further details - please visit the dedicated web site, or contact us.    

Modelled me UK and Hen Party me UK are proud to serve the LGBT community with Life Drawing Events around the country One again the power Rosemarie delivers in this simple pose emphasises her worth as a model

Although her modelling career began with Art Nude work, Rosemarie has since been in Film, Television, National News papers and Radio. Her ability to move swiftly from one genre to another is one of her many attributes as a highly respected and successful model.

Full Colour and face on a striking pose in this nautically themed environment.  Not the cliffs _ rather the Astro Turf atop the Fort proving a stable backdrop to the breezy venue.

The images you see here are from a fashion shoot that Rosemarie delivered on a prestigious venue in the Solent - mid way to the Isle of Wight .

Her ability to deliver powerful, demure yet sophisticated poses, once again, making all the difference.

Click through on the link below to see more of the range of modelling activities that  Rosemarie covers with so much style/commitment - & to such great effect!

Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site. Even in duo tone, Rosemarie brings a new dimension to her poses. Rosemarie's pose was inspoired by the graffiti in an urban park in Swindon Wiltshire Body paint and colourful sculptures deliver this striking scene focused on Rosemarie Moody delivery in this sculpture based monochrome image

Autumn brings a superb strength to the ambient light & a flurry of frenetic activity from “fots” - keen to work with Rosemarie across a variety of genre.

Rosemarie’s Art nude work has seen her working to superb effect for photographers in both Sculpture & Urban parks - as well as a more demure fashion shoot 35 floors up an office block in Fenchurch St London. Quality / Variety are her hall mark - as always!   

Rosemarie delivering a superb pose amidst these sculptures near Farindon shown in Sepia Demure yet strong in this fashion shoot 35 floors up at 20 Fenchurch Street central London.

Social Life Drawing (Fun 60 or 90 minute)  are proving ever more popular.

Historically, the “season” closed in October - but 2015 saw us arranging and delivering these fun and informative events in numerous locations across the UK right across the festive season.

As a result, we have had to accelerate our (rigorous) recruitment campaign (especially in Wales)! to secure and train new (suitably) models and tutors to enable us to accommodate the already unprecedented number of bookings that are rolling in for 2016.

If you'd like to join the team as a Tutor or Model - or would like to us run an event for you - please contact us!


Happy Hens with their model in Bath An unexpected Christmas pressy for Shelly - her Life Drawing Model at her event in Heathfield Lauren being presented with her Life Drawing Model at her Hen Night in Swansea Sara (Right) enjoying her Life Draweing event with her Chief Brides Maid in central Birmingham Katie proudly displaying HER wares next to her Model in HER LIfe Drawing Event in Cheltenham The Tutored Life Drawing Class delivered on Wednesday afternoons in Commonweal school open to 6th formers and interested (external) artists a like

The various Life Drawing events we deliver around Swindon continue in popularity. The Workshops in Swindon (Sundays), Wednesday morning sessions in Broad Hinton - as well as the tutored sessions on Wednesday afternoons in Commnweal School.

Tickets are available in Swindon Central library, where from 13th to 27th Jan you’ll be able to see an exhibit on all the local venues we service for the local art communities.

Visit Swindon's Central Library to see the Exhibit on the Life Drawing Workshops and Classes we deliver across the Swindon area and FAR beyond. A snap shot from one of the Life Drawing Workshops in Broad Hinton in early 2016 An example of one of the many fine pieces produced at recent Life Drawing Workshops in Swindon

Rosemarie is involved in many areas of figurative modelling around the UK and beyond, as a result, there is a continual flow of news stories that are generated and offered up for inclusion in the web site.

These Archive pages contain some of these that have taken place & are now collected & presented to enable you to catch up on the breadth and depth of her work    

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