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For some, being a life model is just a quick “fill in” during college to help pay the bills and artists around the globe have had to suffer at the hands of tutors content with just having a breathing model rather than a mannequin.

There are however a group of models to whom this genre is pivotal to their professional careers and who undergo rigorous daily mental & physical  regimens in order that they may deliver interesting, relevant, dynamic & inspiring poses - day in and day out.

When combined with Rosemarie’s natural poise, grace, strength and beauty - Artists, Sculptors & Photographers are presented with the attributes of an outstanding model - whose value is further enhanced by her professionalism throughout all aspects of her demeanour before, during and after any modelling session.

Such are her skills in this area, that Rosemarie is one of very few models providing training for new models!

Life Drawing

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