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Diverting, instructive, challenging and enjoyable - Life Drawing delivers a unique opportunity to introduce individuals and for groups to bond. Return to the TOP of this page

A common feature of all our Figurative Events that is repeated with a high degree of success with our Corporate clients, is our delivery of bespoke events that cater for the specific needs of the each group.

This of course results from close contact with our clients to define the precise requirements of group(s) based on identifying the:-

On acceptance of our detailed proposal, we will confirm the allocation of the specialist team of tutor(s) and model(s) that have been selected to most closely fit the individual requirements for the specific brief.  

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How it works

The first / opening session of any conference or focused meeting, is frequently “difficult”.

As companies  grow, with representatives being brought together from across the country, continent or further a field, there is an increasing need for a method of quickly bringing the group together through a shared - but interesting and stimulating activity.  

Perhaps one of the most effective of such events that is swiftly being regarded by many as “Ticking all the boxes” - is that of “Life Drawing”.

We take groups of individuals - often meeting each other for the first time at one of our events and comprising from 4 - 40 individuals, (young & old)! After minimal, but focused introduction to and participation in Figurative Art, they readily produce 4 or 5 (often “interesting”) sketches - although few will have had any prior experience or relevant skills.

Progressing together through such an unusual and challenging activity, creates a bond and overcomes many barriers to communication prior to the group addressing the more formal matters for which their attendance and focus is required.

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Our flexible format can be applied to most groups requiring a tangable demonstration of what is achieved through effective, informed collaboration - TEAM WORK Far more interesting and diverting than a Spa Treatment, a trip to the Mall, Clay pigeon shooting or Quad biking through the mud - Life Drawing delivers it all  Presenting a group (Small or large) with a unique, interesting and thought provoking exercise such as Life Drawing, is a very effective means of bringing together disparate individuals at the start of a meeting. TEAM BUILDING ICE BREAKER CORPORATE PARTNERS

These events are structured as 2, 3 , 4 or 6 hour ventures, where following the major requirements for such events, we:-

I cant draw” - isn’t a bar to these extremely effective, enjoyable exercises in self exploration and collaborative investigation. We'll deliver all the tools needed to make the event Memorable and HIGHLY successful!

Where companies are able to invite the partners of team members to “away days” - or longer stays , it is increasingly difficult to identify Interesting activities worthy of the group.

 Obviously, the events need  to reflect the quality and success of the company as well as being distinctive, and delivering a  truly memorable and enjoyable activity in which all can participate. Life drawing fits all the criteria.  

As with all our events, we:-

Corporate Life Drawing (Ice Breaker) event at the Roayal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot

Modelled me UK has been delivering Figurative Art events to the corporate world since 2004 - specialising in:-

Utilising FIGURATIVE ART - in this environment, may at first seem incongruous, however, as more and more firms attest,  Figurative Art sessions can be, Innovative, Entertaining, Attention Grabbing, and Highly EFFECTIVE.  

Our extensive experience in this field and ready, informed  access to one of the largest pools of talented and successful Tutors and Models in the UK, combines to  provide an unbeatable combination.

Our’s are not simple “off the shelf” packages, we carefully design events to suit the specific requirements of the individual client in terms of duration / content of the event, the aim of the particular session(s) and the budget available.

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 Corporate Life Drawing Events

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