Right from the start - our (Life Drawing) events are FUN and EFFECTIVE Team Building

It is an increasing problem for HR departments and managers to find new and effective means of focusing staff on their reliance on fellow employees, “building” on existing values and growing the values of “The Team”.

Relying on our long experience in this field (and even longer in Figurative Art) - combined with the effectiveness of OUR nationwide team of Tutors and Models - we deliver BESPOKE Life Drawing events tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.

Using carefully selected exercises that deliver basic core (art) skills, we build the individual’s skill set whilst simultaneously establishing and growing the effectiveness of your team.

So unusual and entertaining is our offering that the experience and hence the lessons learnt, remain with the individuals for the long term. Hence, they, their teams and the companies, benefit in a variety of ways over the mid and long term.

Taking the group through a shared experience, relying on each other AND producing some ART together - RESULT!!

HOW IT (Life Drawing) WORKS:-

A very well understood principal of training is that lessons learned in a positive / enjoyable environment are far more likely to be retained and appreciated.


Our process is simple:-

   1. With your agreement, we design an event specifically for you.

   2. We’ll present our all inclusive quote for that event to you.

   3. Once agreed we’ll then schedule our most suitable local team.

   4. Our Tutor will liaise with you closer to the event start

   5. Arriving at (your or our supplied) venue before the event with all      the materials required, our team will prepare the venue for space.

   6. Our team takes on the responsibility for managing the group and         delivering the program and “Growing the Team”!

Informal or more structured - the results of our events are ALWAYS the same - Enjoyable, Memorable and Successful

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Now though -  on to ICE BREAKER events:-

Use this link to see ICE BREAKERS

WHY IT (OUR Life Drawing) WORKS:-

   1. We have a unique and highly effective mix of talent / experience in Training, Event management and Figurative Art.

   2. Over the years of operation, we’ve established and honed a nationwide network of talented, charismatic Model / Tutors        carefully selected to be capable of imparting the required “Message(s)” through the exciting medium of Figurative Art.  

   3. Our (BESPOKE) exciting, reliable, fun, memorable and professional delivered events:-

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