When we start an event - it is a MEMORABLE, UNUSUAL and a FUN experience for all attending Ice Breaker

Ice Breakers are an activity or game used to welcome / warm up the conversation for participants in a meeting, training class, team building session etc.

An effective ice breaker will warm up the conversation in your training class or meeting, reinforce the topic of the session, and ensure that participants enjoy their interaction and the session.

When participants don’t know each other, the ice breaker will help them introduce themselves to the other participants. When meeting participants do know each other or where they regularly take part in a scheduled meeting, an ice breaker, offers an effective “warm up” for conversation.

Ice breakers can be

Large or Small Groups - Relaxed or more structured - your venue or ours - we deliver FUN, MEMORABLE and EXCITING events.

HOW IT (Life Drawing) WORKS:-

Most Corporate Bodies and individuals have run the gambit of “Ice Breakers” to the point where such activities actually deliver the opposite of their intent.


When Professionally delivered, Life Drawing events provide:-

Its important to note that NO prior Art knowledge or experience is required to enjoy these events. Although not always the case, our Flexible, Effective Life Drawing “Ice Breakers” can be “Self Standing, easily segway into, or feature elements of “Team Building” as well - and are “Darn good FUN”!.

Ice breakeing events need to be FUN and MEMORABLE from the outset - ours are just that - why not try one?

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Now though -  on to CORPORATE PARTNERS:-

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WHY IT (OUR Life Drawing) WORKS:-

   1. We have a unique and highly effective mix of talent / experience in Training, Event management and Figurative Art.

   2. Over the years of operation, we’ve established and honed a nationwide network of talented, charismatic Model / Tutors        carefully selected to be capable of imparting the required “Message(s)” through the exciting medium of Figurative Art.  

   3. Our (BESPOKE) exciting, reliable, fun, memorable and professional delivered events:-

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