(ROSEMARIE as) The DARK DEMONIC TEMPTRESS about to attack a city's water system Body Painting

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ROSEMARIE’s long experience across a wide range of modelling genre, fitness, toned form and artistic background,  ideally suits her for the rigours of working with Body Artists.

Although the finished pieces are often stunning, the effort that is put into creating the pieces is always demanding -  frequently requiring help from two or three assistant artists working under “The Master” artist to complete a piece -  working “Non Stop” for over 8 hours!


The model’s task is to maintain as still a “Canvas” as possible whilst the process is underway. This is vital if the finished piece is to stand out from the competition.

Once the piece is complete - the model’s ability to “interpret” the piece for presentation to judges or the camera, is equally important if all the hours of effort and planning aren’t to be wasted. Rosemarie’s talent, experience and flair are ideally suited to this genre!

A complex paint job to produce this "whole body" horror film recreation
Subtle oriental body painting of Cherry blossom at the hands of the renowned Emma Cammack
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model