Rain or Shine, Indoors or Out,  Rosemarie always SHINES in her modelling, delivering interesting, relevant poses under direction or without. Fitness Model

Now though -  on to FASHION MODEL:-

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For a model to venture into this area of the market and be successful, they must not simply “Look the part” - they must have the skills and experience to “SHINE”!

Achieving this , takes continual, hard and gruelling work -  daily sessions in the gym and long demanding training sessions even when on location, vacation (& even when shopping)!

This degree of dedication is not often seen in “mature models” -  which is yet another unique feature of Rosemarie’s CV resume that makes her stand out from her peers in the very demanding world of modelling.

In the Gym or Pool, Road Running, Cross Country, Circuit Training, in the Jacuzzi or Steam Room -  & so much more -  Rosemarie’s ability to present Gym Kit, Exercise, Fashion or Equipment, Health & Fitness Clubs etc to their best, keeps her in demand for this high profile area of modelling. Her fitness is first (after all)!

Her enviable figure graces any shoot / publication or brochure. Fit Mature models with her experience are very hard to come by
Working across most sports with ease and familiarity - ensuring that the shoot / session will be a success.
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model