Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model Style, elegance and grace combined with that Edwarding Scifi feel - thats Rosemarie's thing Steampunk Model

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A difficult genre to describe -  but for Rosemarie a superb area in which to express herself. Often epitomised as "Edwardian Science Fiction” -  Rosemarie's Artistic "Spin" makes it a treat!

Wikipedia describes Steampunk as “A sub-genre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th Century industrial steam-powered machinery

Often described as “If the Artist / creator says that a piece is Steam Punk - then it is”.

However you see the term, Rosemarie’s extensive / diverse Artistic experience and vision, delivers a sparkle to her work in this field that instantly makes her work stand out from the growing number of exponents of this fascinating but “nebulous” art form around the globe.

To work with Rosemarie in this exciting and highly productive genre, please visit her Contacts Page to see how best to engage with her and discuss your idea / project.  

Style and experience are even more important to a model in this genre as Rosemarie demonstrates with ease
Imagination, grace and the ability to present to the camera set apart Rosemarie's work in this very competitive area of modelling
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