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HenAndStag me UK’s -  experienced helpful staff are waiting to answer your query.

We understand that arranging a Stag, Hen or indeed ANY social event for a group of friends can be “problematical”.

That’s why we have our expert (in Art and Admin) colleagues on hand to answer or reply quickly and expertly to your calls or emails.

We’ll be able to give you a finite answer on availability and provide you with an accurate quotation and if you wish to book then, a small deposit will secure your booking.

You’ll receive an email detailing your booking / deposit and once we’ve received the balance of payment, you’ll receive a full itinerary - followed by one of the Team Members (from your event) contacting you to talk you through it in more detail in the week prior to your event. Give us a call - you wont regret it!

To enjoy our events - you dont need to be an artist - just to sit back and enjoy yourself - we do the rest. OUR team are waiting NOW to hear from you and to help arrange / deliver YOUR event Hen, Stag and social groups can ALL benefit from our TASTEFUL, FUN & MEMORABLE Life Drawing and BUTLERED Events that we deliver across sthe UK

Please -  get in touch!

Tel/Fax: +44(0)1793 264 437 Mobile:   +44(0)7769 694 994 Mobile:   +44(0)7919 895 195


Contact us directly:-


Mail: Enquiry from Contact page

 Our experienced back office staff work 7 days a week to field your enquiries - and so we usually respond within 24 hours - Give us a go!!


Our focused, experienced and helpful staff work extended hours from our 3 regional offices to ensure that we are able to receive and manage your LIFE DRAWING / BUTLERING Event request and usually respond in detail within 24 hours.

As we’ve been successfully designing and delivering our industry leading events direct to the general public, via Hen/Stag Agencies and to Corporate Clients since 2008, we’ve probably heard your request already!

Don't be shy -  get in touch now to see how easy it is to enquire and book YOUR LIFE DRAWING and / or BUTLERING event - ANYWHERE in the UK NOW!

We’re always DELIGHTED to hear from you. Please use which ever method (below) is easiest for you and please note that we will USUALLY reply (in detail) within 24 hours.

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For Enquiries & Bookings call:

+44(0)7769 694 994 / +44(0)1793 264 437

All the images, data and text on this web site are copyright Modelled me UK / Contact us on WhatsApp using +44(0)7769 694 994

Our services are based on CLASSIC FIGURATIVE ART with no ADULT content.


Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model