In addition to her extensive portfolio of poses, Rosemarie is renowned for her wide range of Props and Costumes / Outfits Portrait Model

Now though -  on to SCULPTURE MODEL:-

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ROSEMARIE began work as a Portrait Model back in tandem with Life Modelling.  

For many aspiring models, Portrait work is their introduction and often the end to their modelling career. It is however, far more than simply sitting, standing or lying whilst the artist “creates”. The model has to have poise, artistic interpretation and be aware of their body and its capabilities in intimate detail.


The attributes that Rosemarie brings to her Portrait Modelling are augmented by the skills, talent and experience that she easily ports from the other genre in which she operates so successfully (and a truly enormous range of costumes / props)!

Her experience and her innate talent are taken for granted by many artists who are able, at last to concentrate on their art, without having to worry about the ability of the model to strike a good pose, enabling them to concentrate on their art!

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Sitting Pretty - but difficult to maintain for the two hours required in this instance.
Variety and Focus - two essential elements of Rosemarie's approach to her profession
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model