Surrounded by Sculptors and aware of presenting a challenging pose to all Sculpture Model

Now though -  on to BODY CASTING:-

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ROSEMARIE’s work in sculpture is as diverse as the genre in which she now works.  

Creating art in 3D takes a degree of talent and skill that is sometimes a step beyond the abilities of even the most talented of some artists. The practicalities of Stone, Metal and other materials aside, the ability to visualise & create appealing pieces that “work” from all angles takes the craft on to a different level.

It’s the same for models working in this discipline, as they must be able to create the pose that is the catalyst / inspiration for the artist - whilst sustaining it for protracted periods of many, many hours a day over long periods. This requires significant training for MIND AND BODY.

Rosemarie’s sharply defined anatomy and defined musculature -  are yet more reasons why she is  so respected across so many figurative genre - including that of Sculpture

Click on the gallery below for more examples of Rosemarie’s work in this field.

Often working one to one over a protracted period with sculptors - Rosemarie's interpersonal skills are renowned
Maintaining an interesting pose for a three day SCULPTURE class is no mean feat - but a standard element of Rosemarie's many skills
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model