One of the most arduous genre of Figurative Modelling -  holding the pose whilst encumbered by a very cold, wet and HEAVY mould Body Casting

Now though -  on to BODY PAINTING:-

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ROSEMARIE’s was introduced to this genre by Ken Clarke - the rest “is History”.  

As with Body Art, it seems  all the relevant skills are in the hands of the artist . Here too, a skilled/experienced model is a vital element of the process. Firstly, they must have experience to be able to strike and hold a dynamic pose suitable for the artist for the duration of the casting process. The cast increases in weight considerably and can restrict breathing during the process, Hence fitness is VITAL!

So - they should be fit, healthy and strong if the process is to proceed so the artist can concentrate on the creative processes rather than the model’s  “well being”.

Rosemarie’s artistic/modelling experience, combined with defined anatomy and fitness make her an ideal model for this exacting area of modelling, where she is the model of choice for many of the country’s leading artists in the field as well as for body sculpting courses.

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Even in this genre, Rosemarie is sought after for her ability to present and hold imaginative, dynamic and attractive poses to be cast
A PR photo of the famous "Living Lingerie" cast to Rosemarie's form for the Erotica international exposition in London.
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Rosemarie is a Classic, Gracefull, Inventive and Inspirational Figurative Model