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Welcome to the world of Figurative modelling, brought to you by the renowned UK based model - Rosemarie Orwin.

Her activities in this area began when she modelled for a group of artists near Oxford in 2004.

Since then, she has become one of the most sought after models in the UK and developed a number of other highly successful figurative art related activities:-

A full range of Figurative Modelling Services

To find out more about any of the 3 major areas of figurative art where we are involved, simply click on the relevant block to the right & you will

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Modelling for Artists, Sculptors and Photographers

Modelling Services

             We are NOT

      a modelling agency!

This site is intended to share with you the range and quality of Rosemarie’s activities as a figurative model in the areas of modelling:

  * Figurative:-

            - Artistic

            - Sculpture

  * Photographic:-

            - Fine Art

            - Fashion

            - Art Nude

Life Drawing Classes, Workshops and Residential Retreats

Classes & Workshops

We deliver a wide range of                Figurative Art

                    * Classes,

             * Workshops and

         * Residential retreats

These entertaining and highly effective events are designed specifically for the event and range from the regular monthly workshops in Swindon, to those events created for corporate clients who’s staff need instruction in aspects of figurative art - such as design agencies etc.    

Life Drawing for Hen Parties

Hen Parties

Not just for the Bride and her “Hens” - but a fun event for ladies who would like to experience a “real” Life class (including toned, young male model) - or  Toned BUTLER  to attend your event.

We provide:-Materials MODEL, TUTOR, VENUE, and skilled tuition for YOUR group (not just Hen Parties)across  most of the U.K.

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                                  Bookings for the 2014  Life

                             Drawing Workshops continue to                    to be VERY strong. If you’d like to                    book a place, or hear more, - please                contact us as soon as possible.  The full            schedule is available HERE.


     Places are strictly limited so if you want to

   join artists travelling from over a wide radius

   to join in the day of solid, figurative

   Art - click on the link under the artist!

Return here to see images related to the latest news stories on Rosemarie's modelling and modelled me uk's activities in Figurative Art For more details of our exciting LIfe Drawing Workshops - please click through here. Figurative Art - Modelling, Courses & Services

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As a result, there are an increasing number of individuals and companies opening up and attempting to emulate our success.

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